The Best Tricep Exercises and Workouts for Building Bigger Arms

 Any arms drill that does n’t spend at least as important time fastening on the triceps as the biceps is an arms drill that is n’t good of you and your ( soon-to- be) potent arms-enal. The triceps make up the maturity of the muscle mass in your upper arms, which means if you ’re chasing sleeve- busting muscles, you need to be doing triceps exercises regularly.

Training your triceps is n’t just about aesthetics either, as Olu Adepitan, head of fitness at BXR London, explains. “ Not only do well advanced triceps look good, but they can also enhance sporting performance, because of the association of triceps strength with punch power or throwing a ball at speed.”

Below, Adepitan as well as Annabelle Breakenridge, head coach at F45 Peckham Rye, Carl Martin, particular training director at Equinox, and our good characters, guide you through a selection of freshman, intermediate and advanced triceps exercises, so all spa- goers – still educated – should find some alleviation for their coming arms session.


Triceps press-down

Attach a straight or angled bar to a high pulley,” says Adepitan, “ and hold it with your triumphs facing down (overhand grip) and your hands shoulder- range piecemeal. Standing upright with your torso straight, bring your upper arms near to your body and vertical to the bottom. Your forearms should be pointing up towards the pulley.

Using your triceps to move your forearms, bring the bar down until it touches the front of your shanks with your arms completely extended and vertical to the bottom. Your upper arms should remain stationary coming to your torso. After holding for one second at the contracted position, bring the bar sluggishly back over to the starting point. Exhale as you bring the bar down and breathe in as you return to the launch position.”

Triceps rear press-down

Start by setting a bar attachment ( straight or EZ-bar) on a high pulley of the string machine,” says Adepitan. “ Facing the bar attachment with bases shoulder- range piecemeal, snare it with triumphs facing up (supinated grip) and hands shoulder- range piecemeal. Lower the bar by using your lats until your arms are completely extended by your sides with elbows partake in.

Moving your forearms but keeping your elbows and upper arms stationary by your sides, sluggishly bring the bar attachment over, gobbling as you go, until it’s at casket height. Lower the string bar back to the starting position while exhaling and contracting the triceps.”

Cable above triceps extension

Attach a rope to the bottom pulley of the string machine,” says Adepitan. “ Face down from the pulley and, holding the rope with both hands with triumphs facing each other ( neutral grip), extend your arms until your hands are directly above your head. Your elbows should be in close to your head and the arms should be vertical to the bottom with the knuckles pointing to the ceiling.

Sluggishly lower the rope behind your head as you hold the upper arms stationary. Inhale as you perform this movement and pause when your triceps are completely stretched. Breathe out as you return to the starting position by flexing your triceps.”


The diamond press-up variation may put further focus on the triceps, but when you ’re starting out it’s a good idea to resolve the work between your casket and triceps so you can complete the optimal number of reps with good form.

Launch on all fours, supporting yourself on your toes and triumphs with your arms extended and hands under your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line between your shoulders, hips and heels. Take roughly three seconds to lower your casket to the ground, keeping your elbows tight to your sides. Once your casket is roughly 5 cm off the ground, press back over with force, taking one alternate to return to the top position.

Dumbbell poke

Snare two light dumbbells, no heavier than 2 kg or 3 kg all. Stand with your bases squared and knees slightly fraudulent. Hold the dumbbells in front of your chin with your triumphs facing you and throw a straight punch at head height – standing in front of a glass can help you keep to the right height throughout. The punch should end with your arm completely extended, your torso rotated to extend your reach and your win facing the ground. Alternate arms with each punch, working at speed. Work to time rather than sets andreps.