Penis Envy Mushrooms Effects – Should You Buy The Best Mushrooms?

If you’re looking to increase your sexual desire, you may be wondering if Penis Envy mushrooms effects really work. This article will explore the effects of this mushroom microdose powerful mushroom, and whether or not they’re safe for you to consume. 

Also, you’ll learn about how to grow your own, and which mushrooms are safe to consume. Listed below are the top five benefits of Penis Envy mushrooms. Hopefully, you’ll feel more confident about making an informed decision when it comes to trying this enticing product.

Penis Envy mushrooms are naturally cultivated, but the specific strain you’ll find in your local supermarket will have a slightly different effect on you. Penis Envy mushrooms effects produce less spores than other Psilocybe cubensis varieties. And, as the name implies, they don’t grow wild, so they should be safe to consume. However, you should always read the label before purchasing.

Some of the benefits of Penis Envy mushrooms include enhanced mood, increased excitement, and an improved appreciation of nature and art. In fact, they may even dull the negative effects of anti-depressants. If you’re wondering if Penis Envy mushrooms effects are safe to ingest, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the effects of this potent drug. Then, you can choose to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the risk.



As the potency of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms varies among individuals, there’s no definitive data linking different varieties to specific subjective experiences. Nevertheless, Oakland Hyphae mushrooms have been linked to an increased penis envy effect, with the average potency of Penis Envy being between fifty to one hundred percent higher than Psilocybe cubensis. So, you should definitely consider trying Penis Envy mushrooms.

  • The effects of Penis Envy mushrooms depend on the strain you consume.
  • Generally, Penis Envy mushrooms produce a phallic-like effect.
  • The effects are a mixture of both sexes.
  • While Albino Penis Envy is more potent than its parent, it’s still not a guaranteed cure.
  • Penis Envy mushrooms are safe for consumption, but if you’re unsure about their effectiveness, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

In case you’re unsure whether Penis Envy mushrooms are right for you, try Golden Teacher. This mushroom is a hybrid of two strains, and has a unique mix of spores. It’s perfect for mushroom enthusiasts and mushroom beginners alike. However, B+ mushroom is just one type of mushroom. There are many more, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the wide selection available. If you’re new to mushrooms, you can start with the most popular mushroom variety, the B+. This mushroom is also extremely easy to grow and cultivate.