Cannabis Culinary Creations

Cannabis Culinary Creations (Part 4) - How Do I Get Weed

Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts. To be verbose about it; let’s curate some cannabis creations for classic culinary calculations. It is time to check out the fire strains that Select Co-op has on deck and mix up some stuff.

Day Time Pineapple Haze Strains

Pineapple Haze will be our base for daytime use. This is a wake and bake beauty that tastes of decadently sweet pineapples. To enhance the taste of your wake and bake experience we recommend mixing this strain with Tangie Cookies. This combination will taste almost like pineapple upside down cake. Moreover, enjoy the creamy, nutty, sugary sweet pineapple flavors to get your day started.

For the midafternoon we recommend mixing Pineapple Haze with Blue Magic. This mix tastes amazing with a blend of Pineapple, sweet berries, and a spicy skunk element present. The addition of Blue Magic offers a chill aspect to Pineapple Haze that allows the body to relax without taking away from the mental focus and energy. 

Lastly, we recommend mixing Pineapple Haze with Heavy OG. This mixture is a balanced mix of earthy, pine, and herbal flavors balanced by the sweetness of Pineapple. This combination is for the late afternoon. Mixing a little Heavy OG in it will offer a string relaxing property to the Pineapple Haze. An equal mix of both strains may have you enjoying an afternoon nap. 

Cannabis Culinary Creations (Part 4) - How Do I Get Weed

Evening/Afternoon Strains

Now it is time to move into our evening curations. Grape Diesel will be our base for the evening. This strain tastes of sweet berries, citrus elements, and a subtle diesel gassiness. Furthermore, Grape Diesel is a heavy head high with strong relaxing properties. Mixing this strain with In the Pines offers a Pineapple and Kush element that balances nicely with the Grape Diesel. In the Pines high CBD levels make this combination great for kicking back after work. 

For a deliciously decadent evening nightcap we suggest combining Grape Diesel and Do-Di-Dos. The nutty, minty, cookie, and slightly fruity elements of Do-Si-Dos balance well with the grape and diesel tastes. This combination will hit with a heavy euphoria that slowly relaxes the body into a couch-locking bliss if one is not careful.

We conclude our evening session by mixing Grape Diesel with Blue Headband. This combination blasts the taste buds with a blueberry dankness and pineapple sweetness. The head high comes on heavy and fast leaving you upbeat and giddy. A toke or two will have you right for the night while taking a jay to the head will send you to bed! 

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Select Co-op

We have a new edition to cannabis culinary creations 4:20 enthusiasts. This is not for the faint of heart, novices, or those with a low find weed in dc tolerance. Let’s call this the “blow your mind conclusions”. Select Co-op also has an array of crumbles, and carts to choose from for your 4:20 needs. For the daytime sativa suggestions- have you ever added kief to the combinations? Sprinkling kief on top of the flowers before rolling it up or lighting it up provides a blast of THC that will have you hitting it once and putting it down. While a jay may only last you a day or two. Taking some Biscotti resin and rubbing on the outside of an already rolled jay or packed pipe will dynamically boost your relaxing properties. Enjoy 4:20 tokers!